Steve Vai Bio (Best Guitarist Alive)

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While many musicians fit easily into a single category, Steve Vai’s unique musical vision remains unclassifiable. After more than 20 years, Vai continues to use unbridled guitar virtuosity and soulful artistry to explore the spectrum of human emotion.
From his self-released solo debut “Flex-Able” (1984) to his most recent “Alive In An Ultra World” (2001, Epic), Vai creates a sound all his own by striking a balance between technical ability and poetic phrasing. “I make music to push my own buttons,” explains Vai. “I’ve always been driven by an addiction to create sounds that are unique – not better than what other people do, just different.”
That obsession with running down the voodoo in his head remains the guiding force behind Vai’s ongoing musical evolution and what he loves most about being a musician. “For me, the real gravy is when I hear a strange or beautiful sound in my head and then make it real in the world using the devices I have as a musician,” says Vai. “The things that have never been done before are what interest me most.”
His desire to break new ground led Vai to a special performance with the 100-piece Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra this summer in Japan. Together they performed a concerto for electric guitar called “Fire Strings” composed by distinguished Japanese composer and concert pianist Ichiro Nodaira. Learning the 20 minutes of raging, atonal electric guitar was the most demanding challenge of Vai’s career. “It’s almost impossible to play, and that’s why I did it,” says Vai. “I think a few other guitar players could play it, but I don’t know any who would because of the tremendous time and dedication the music required. It was certainly an honor to be a part of it.”
Growing up on Led Zeppelin and progressive rock, Vai has always had a penchant for the conceptual side of rock. While many of his albums revolve around a specific thematic axis, Vai considers “Alive in an Ultra World” (2001, Epic) the high point of his conceptual efforts.
A contender for one of the most ambitious live albums ever recorded, Vai wrote, rehearsed and recorded the music for the two-disc set during a 32-country world tour. Each song is dedicated to a different country – Bulgaria, Spain and Romania to name a few – and reflects the flavor of each country’s indigenous music. Creating the album was equally exhausting and rewarding. “On paper the project looks insurmountable,” says Vai. “I wrote songs in the morning, rehearsed the new music at sound check with the band in the afternoon, played a two and a half hour show at night and then download the show from my mobile studio later that night. Somewhere in all that craziness, I found time to immerse myself in music from different countries.
“It was hell on me and the band making that record, but when I listen to the music now there are no words that can describe the joy I feel for having made that fantasy a reality.”
“Alive in an Ultra World” includes “Whispering a Prayer (Song for Ireland),” which earned Vai his sixth Grammy nomination to go along with his 1991 Grammy win for best rock instrumental performance for his version of Frank Zappa’s “Sofa” on the live Zappa tribute album, “Zappa’s Universe.”  “Whispering a Prayer is probably the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever played in my life,” says Vai. “Every time I play it, I’m overcome by feelings of freedom and happiness.”
In contrast, Vai needed 20 years of patience to realize his idea for  “The Seventh Song: Enchanting Guitar Melodies – Archives Vol. 1″ (2000, Epic). The album features the seventh song from every Vai solo album before 2000. “The seventh song on my records has always been the wistful, screaming guitar ballad. Those songs sounded a bit out of place on the original records, but when I put them all together it creates a beautiful, flowing musical experience.”
Without a doubt his biggest achievement in terms of sheer girth is  “The Secret Jewel Box” (2001-Ongoing, Light Without Heat) – a 10-CD compilation documenting Vai’s career through a mix of rarities, outtakes and oddities. Each disc explores a different facet of Vai’s career including his soundtrack contributions, work with Frank Zappa, live and studio recordings with Alcatrazz, Japanese-only releases and an eclectic art piece that includes music interspersed with dialogue.
The collection of hard-to-find gems and unreleased music is a gold rush for fans. “The Secret Jewel Box is a way for me to gather in one place a lot of the hard to find things I’ve done in the past,” explains Vai. “I think hardcore fans will really enjoy the CD that features a band I was in before I recorded ‘Passion and Warfare’ called The Classified. That music truly is the missing link between my first and second albums.”
Vai first stepped into the spotlight in 1980 as a guitarist in Frank Zappa’s band. But Vai’s indelible contribution to music came during his solo career, which includes combined sales of nearly six million albums. His debut – “Flex-Able” (1984, self-released) – set the stage for Vai’s most influential and best-selling album –  “Passion and Warfare” (1990, Relativity). The album expanded the lexicon of rock guitar and ushered in an era of guitar virtuosos in the early ’90s. Ironically, two record labels dropped Vai while he recorded the breakthrough album.
“I didn’t know what people were going to think of that record, I just knew that I had to make it,” recalls Vai. “I locked myself in the studio, and the music that had been building up in my imagination for years all came rushing out. Honestly, I thought the record was going to sell about 10 copies. Instead it went gold in a week.”
Despite the album’s unqualified commercial and artistic success, it set Vai up for an inevitable backlash in the mid-’90s. “Guitar players in the ’80s were trying to outplay our influences – people like Jimmy Page, Brian May and Ritchie Blackmore. Some of us were good at it and some of us were just wankers; I’ve been accused of being both,” laughs Vai. “Eventually, that style of guitar playing hit a wall and that’s when grunge took over.”
Although his music was replaced on the charts by the Seattle sound, Vai became a major influence on the post-grunge era. Current guitar idols like James “Munky” Shaffer of Korn, Mike Eizinger of Incubus and Tom Morello of Audioslave all cite Vai as a major inspiration.
Not only did Vai’s music have a huge influence on contemporary hard rock, so did his guitar. In 1987, Vai helped guitar-maker Ibanez design the JEM, and then in 1989, the Universe 7-String guitar, which provided the low-end rumble many guitarists were craving.
Vai continues to work with Ibanez, and literally put himself into a recent collaboration dubbed the JEM VAI2K DNA guitar – a limited-edition release of the JEM. “Ibanez used my blood – a lot of my blood – in the guitar’s swirling paint job,” explains Vai. “Maybe a hundred years from now, when someone decides to clone me from the blood in the paint, my clone will finally figure out how get his music on the radio.”
In addition to his influence on musical inspiration and innovation, Vai began branching out into the business of music last year by launching his own record label – Favored Nations. The label struck Grammy gold in 2002 for best pop instrumental album for “No Substitutions” by Larry Carlton and Steve Lukather.
Throughout his career, Vai’s creative impulses have been inspired by a deeply-held spiritual commitment to improving the world through his music and actions. “The most important thing in my life is trying to achieve some sort of spiritual balance because everything flows from that,” explains Vai. “When I’m looking back on my life when I’m 70, I want to be proud of the contributions I’ve made to society, not just in terms of music, but socially too. That’s what drives me these days.”
One of Vai’s earliest philanthropic endeavors was the  Make a Noise Foundation, which he founded with Richard Pike in 1988. The organization continues to provide musical instruments and music education to young musicians who cannot afford them.
To fund the project, Vai regularly auctions off his music gear. “I set out to cultivate a rich musical awareness among young people because of the experience I had at the Berklee College of Music,” explains Vai. “The best music education I got was at the school’s listening library where they had every kind of music available. Being exposed to different kinds of music was a big contributor to my musical awakening. I started Make A Noise, in part, to help others have the same experience I had.”
Helping young musicians is a cause that hits close to home for Vai, who grew up in Carle Place, New York. When Vai was accepted to Berklee his father sold his life insurance policy to pay for the tuition. Vai graduated from Berklee in 1979 and in 2000 was awarded an honorary Doctor of Music degree from the esteemed college. “I was really lucky to have a family that was supportive of me going off to college to pursue music,” says Vai. “My dad especially was there for me—paying for guitar lessons and then driving me there no matter where or when. I owe my family a debt of gratitude for all they did.”
His most unlikely charity effort began a few years ago when Vai turned his beekeeping hobby into a way to raise money for Make a Noise. “I got into beekeeping by chance,” recalls Vai. “For some reason, a bunch of bees decided to live in the wall of my neighbor’s house. My neighbor wasn’t happy, but as a result my wife’s garden looked fantastic. When my family moved, I decided to plant fruit trees and found out honeybees were the best way to pollinate them so I got my first swarm. My family harvests the honey each year and we give some of it away at Christmas and auction the rest for charity.”
Playing the role of King Bee has become an unexpected source of relaxation for Vai. “Bees are fascinating creatures and taking care of them can be a Zen like experience if you let it be,” says Vai. “It’s one of the few times of the day that I really do something that’s entirely for me. I can forget about all the contractual obligations and just hang out with the bees.”
But it is Vai’s work with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) – the Grammy organization – that excites him the most. He served on the board of governors with NARAS for almost three years and was recently promoted to trustee.
The new position gives Vai an opportunity to expand his charity work and help more people. “For 25 years, I dedicated all my creativity to finding different ways to get from one note to the next using a whammy bar,” says Vai. “Now that I’m working with the academy, I’ve found a forum where I can channel some of my creativity into finding ways to give back.”
Discovering new challenges isn’t hard for Vai; it’s finding the time to do them that is the tricky part. One major aspiration high on his list is to record the quintessential solo guitar record while he still has the dexterity to pull it off. “I don’t feel like I’ve made a record that expresses my full potential on guitar,” explains Vai. “I’m fighting time on this project because I’m getting older and at some point I’m going to hit a wall physically. While I still have the chops to do it, I want to make my definitive guitar statement.”
Perhaps that album, Vai says, would signal the end to one chapter in his career and the start of a new one. While he has no plans to put down the guitar, Vai would like to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a composer. “I love the way music looks on paper. It looks like art to me,” says Vai. “When I first understood what music was, I wanted to be a composer. I’ve got stacks and stacks of scores that I’ve written that have never been recorded or performed. I’m really looking forward to exploring new territory.”
FLEX-ABLE (1984, self-released): I love this record because the music is very Zappa-esque. It also reminds me of when my life was simple and all about music.
PASSION & WARFARE (1990, Relativity Records) : Creating this record was a complete liberation for me. It’s a reflection of music that was tormenting my psyche for a long time to get out. It was a thrilling vindication to be acknowledged for something I felt so strongly about.
SEX & RELIGION (1993, Relativity Records):  This was my attempt to start a band. At the time of the recording, I was doing a great deal of soul-searching and that’s why the music is so intensely personal.
ALIEN LOVE SECRETS (1995, Relativity Records):  After the big productions of my two previous albums, it was a blessed release to make an album that was stripped down to just guitar, bass and drums. It was a pure pleasure making this EP.
FIRE GARDEN (1996, Epic): Maybe my favorite; this record is mature and substantial in terms of musical content. I don’t know if one record best represents what I do musically, but this album comes close.
ULTRA ZONE (1999, Epic): Elements from all my other records pop up here. It’s a return to the innocence of FLEX-ABLE, has the compositional elements of PASSION AND WARFARE and has a lot of substance like FIRE GARDEN.
SEVENTH SONG (2000, Epic): That whole record represents a certain frame of mind as opposed the vast mood swings of my full-on records. Those sweet melodies are a musical representation of my desire to become closer with my own spiritual nature.
ALIVE IN AN ULTRA WORLD (2001, Epic): This album holds so many memories, feelings, smells and tastes for me. When I think of recording the other records, I think of four studio walls. When I think of recording this record, I’m standing on a bridge in Paris with my wife; I’m at a truck stop in Poland creating mischief with my band; I’m in my hotel room in Greece looking out at the water and writing a song.

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Computer Operating Systems

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After a long sum of time I am finally writing another article on my blog. Well, this time, it’s about computer operating systems (OS). As I am more of a tech freak, you can expect this type of articles a lot. But don’t worry, I will be writing on many other topics too.

So, about computer operating systems, there are major three computer operating systems the tech world has to offer today. They are Windows OS from Microsoft, Mac OS by apple (also known as OSX) and Linux distributions by various companies, organizations and communities. (Know that Linux itself is not an OS, Linux is the kernel used in Linux distributions. And the kernel is the heart of an OS) you may be thinking about DOS, UNIX and OpenBSD. But I won’t be going through those as they are outdated and not so common these days.

Fair enough. Let’s talk about the three major operating systems. I will be highlighting the main reasons use the OS and will odd out the reasons against the particular OS. But you are completely free to use your OS and my idea about a certain OS may differ from your opinion about it. It’s not a problem, this is just my view about the OS.

First let’s talk about the most popular OS, ‘WINDOWS’ Microsoft has released a lot of OS versions since its start. Among them, its latest release is Windows 8. So why is Windows so popular? What does it has to offer? In my opinion, one of the main reason to the fame of the OS is its friendly user interface. Playing with a Windows PC is very easy. Even a kid can navigate throughout the OS without much difficulty. The other main reason for Windows is high quality commercial softwares and games. Around 99% of the high-end PC games are exclusively for Windows. And there are many commercial softwares which are essentials for businesses. Not to mention, many uses Windows because it is the most popular OS.

Well that was FOR Windows. Now let’s see against Windows. The OS is really expensively and so is its office suite which is not included in the OS. 90% of the softwares for Windows are commercial, so enriching your PC will cost from your pocket. Windows is vulnerable for lots of viruses, Trojans, malwares, spywares etc. So it is risky to use the OS without a powerful antivirus which is always super expensive. Compared to other commercial OS’s, Windows seems to be slow and sluggish. The system crashes a lot and as Windows is really resource hungry, a high quality PC is needed to run it smoothly.

The OSX. A Macintosh is always geared by its OSX. Though recently apple gave support for Windows on their systems, a Mac is always built to use the OSX. So why do people use OSX. Macintosh computers are really beautiful things to look at and so is its OS. Humans always prefer to own and look at beautiful things. So a lot of mac users like to showoff theirs macs including its good looking OS. OSX users don’t encounter virus problems like the Windows users. And finally mac hardware tends to be really good which lets OSX users to run their systems longer.

So what’s against the OSX. The OS limited by apple to only run on their computers and comparing to PC’s a mac is really expensive. Like I mentioned before, people uses mac as a rather showoff thing than being productive. OSX doesn’t have much 3rd party software like in Windows and Linux. When comparing to Windows and major Linux distributions, OSX is a really small OS. The OS mainly consists of apple’s services and in my point the whole OS is becoming rather a sync system for its iOS devices.

And finally, Linux. Linux may not be heard as much as we hear about Windows and OSX. This may be because Linux has many distributions to choose from, Including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, CentOS, MintOS, Arch Linux, Backtrack, Puppy Linux, Damn small Linux and hundreds of other distributions. Mostly Linux OS’s are free of charge. The whole OS is free and 99% of softwares created for the OS are without a price tag. This means if you own a PC, getting a Linux OS and garnishing it with your heart content softwares will cost you nothing more. And businesses will find it much cost effective to use unlike Windows where OS and office packages needs to be purchased for each and every computer. Linux offers them for free. Linux doesn’t require killer hardware to run on, though good hardware will improve the performance, even a 90’s computer can run Linux too. Linux is fast and smooth and not to mention a Linux user is not limited. Linux offers huge customization options. As Linux is an open source OS, a Linux user can see the source code of Linux packages and he/she can change it and can make it their own. A Linux OS can be run through both GUI (Graphical User Interface) and through terminal which is also known as Command Line. So if for some reason you prefer using the terminal like DOS (Disk Operating System) which is one of the first OS, you have that choice too. Unlike the Windows command line where usage is very limited, using the Linux terminal a user can do almost everything. Linux also offers varieties of GUI options like GNOME, KDE, MATE, XFACE and many more desktops to choose from. Just like OSX, Linux is virus free. So a Linux user needs not to invest on an expensive antivirus. And finally, Linux offers liveboot on all of its latest distributions where users can run a Linux OS without installing it. Liveboot is possible using both a flash drive and a disk. This not only helps users to checkout different OS’s but also users can carry their virtual pc on a flash drive and run it on their friends PC. Liveboot also makes it possible for users to run a Linux OS on a HDD (Hard Disk Drive) damaged PC.

Well, that was a lot for Linux. So let’s find out about its down turns. First of all, Linux distributions are developed by open source developer communities. They are not paid for what they do but are keen on to bring good free software for us users. So sometimes users may find some hardware on their PC unsupported and so it may not run as stable as Windows which provides support for almost every hardware available. Users will not find high-end games developed for Linux. And some Linux OS’s are not so user friendly, so a user may take a longer time to master it.

Well, that’s was my views about the three major OS’s available for computers. You may say I have favored on Linux more. That may be because I am a more of a free minded guy. Well, I use Windows and eight other Linux distributions on my computer. My brother has a MacBook which I use a lot. So I have experience on the three OS’s. I respect the hard work done by each company and communities on their OS. It is on your hands to take up any OS you like to run on your computer. 


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Tattoos. Cool topic to write huh?. I find tattoos very interesting for all of my friends. Boys sure will like to read. Don't know about girls. LOL. Anyways. I have researched a little and collected some valuable information about permanent tattoos from all over the web. I have wrote about what it is, how they work, the risks involved, how to get one and how to take care of one. Go on. Start digging.

It seems like everybody has a tattoo these days, what used to be the property of sailors, outlaws and biker gangs is now a popular body decoration for many people, and its not just anchors, skulls and battleships anymore. From school emblem to Celtic designs to personalized symbols, people have found many ways to express themselves with tattoos. May be you have thought of getting one too.

A tattoo is a body art made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. When you look at a person's tattoo, you are seeing the ink through the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin, the ink is actually in the dermis, which is the second layer of the skin. The cells of the dermis are far more stable  than the cells of the epidermis, so the tattoo's ink will stay in place, with minor fading and dispersion, for a person's entire life.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, there is one very important thing you have to keep in your mind- getting it safely. Although tattoos might look a cool thing, a new tattoo is also a wound. Getting a tattoo involves being stuck multiple times with a needle, it can feel like getting a bunch of shots or being stung by a hornet multiple times. Also keep in mind that you will probably bleed a little.

Be careful when you are applying a tattoo from a friend or a studio which doesn't follow precautions like using sterilized equipment or if it shares ink between customers, then you are putting yourself at risk for getting viral infections such as hepatitis, bacterial skin infections, or dermatitis ( severe skin irritation ).
Getting a tattoo doesn't complete the process. You must take care of the tattoo until it heals. You must immediately go to a doctor if you see or feel any signs of infections, such as pain, spreading redness, swelling or drainage of pus.

To make sure your tattoo heals properly, follow the instructions below.
* Keep a bandage on the area for up to 24hrs.
* Avoid touching the tattooed area and don't pick at any scabs that may form
* Wash the tattoo with an antibiotic soap ( don't use alcohol or peroxide- they will dry out the tattoo ). Use a soft towel to dry the tattoo- just pat it dry and be sure not to touch it.
* If you have an allergy to antibiotic ointment, rub some into the tattoo. Don't use petroleum jelly, it may cause the tattoo to fade.
* Put an ice pack on the tattooed area if you see any redness or swelling.
* Try not to get the tattoo wet until it fully heals. Stay away from pools, hot tubs, or long hot baths
* Keep you tattoo away from sun until it's fully healed.

So. that's pretty much about permanent tattoos. Hope that my article helped you gain some knowledge about tattoos. Thanks for reading. Wait... before you leave.. check out these cool tattoo pics i have collected. C ya  :-)

By the way, i myself don't have any knowledge about tattoos.. I read a lot of articles from all over the internet to put up this article for you guys. You can look up these sites for more information about tattoos...

How to Make A Relationship Last Longer?

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It is tiring to get into new relationships after every few years. Every relationship demands lot of work and understanding. Needs a lot of adjustments. Relationships cannot be easily established, but they get broken very easily. The results are disastrous for both the partners. How to have longer lasting relationships? That question needs to be addressed and answers found. Let us think about that.

To have a relationship that works, one has to work. Most of us take relationships for granted once we reach a certain level of intimacy. We assume that we are regular partners. We forget to work on the rough edges  and that dooms the relationship to your surprise.

There may be many differences between both of you. Your value system may be different. Your political views may be different. Your ideas about the future may be different. She/he might be looking for a child-free marriage whereas you might be looking for a home full of children. Your financial planning may be different. One may believe in saving while other overspends. Will the joint account work?

Sometimes the women may be earning more more than the man and the man have to work on the male ego to happily go along. It is true with women. She may like to boss around but her partner may be more dominating. She will have to work on both.

Every relationship is meeting of two individuals who have to love each other, accept each other and learn to live happily with each other. That requires work. Find out how you are different compared to your partner. Now find out if there is any way these differences may hurt the relationship. If yes. Try to cover them.
Similarly keep alert about values of your partner. Do not ignore them. Once you realize that there is a big gap between values, it is better to sit down and talk. If after that you find that the gap is wide, decide to breakup. It is important that relationship be broken rather than continued with huge differences. But if you know that your relationship can survive long, work on that.

All the effort will pay you back big time in the future years..  :-)

As this is my first article which i post on my blog.. like the others i took the easy way and copied an entire article from a website..Sorry for my behavior.. Hope not to do this again..... Even if i did do it again to bring up an article early and easier for you, I wont behave like a pirate like others.. :-)

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